Our Services

Looking for talent? Show us your plans. We will be glad to work out a custom-made plan for you. Together we will discuss which kind of service is appropriate in your situation.

Temporary work

Do you quickly need the right man or woman in the right place? Do you need extra assistance during peak periods? Do you need to replace a sick co-worker? Are you looking for a temporary worker with a view to offer permanent employment?
Our consultants will look for the right temporary staff. For each kind of work, for short and long-term contracts, and also for temporary assignments that lead to a permanent job. We do not just forward CV ’s; what we do is suggesting suitable candidates.

At present our specializations consist of administration, engineering, logistics and higher-trained technical profiles.

Recruitment and selection

Are you looking for talented staff for permanent employment? Call us. Let us assure you: we will not suggest every candidate. Only the right candidates. Our consultants use a well-established network. They have more than 10 years of experience and they are all recognized Core Talents analysts. In addition to this they are great 'match makers', specialized in administration, logistics and transportation, engineering, higher-trained technical profiles, finance and retail.

Project sourcing and HR advice

Thanks to project sourcing your organization can have carried out projects in a quick and flexible way by external specialists. These specialists have a permanent contract with WaW and they are experts in their field: e-commerce staff, technicians, financial specialists, marketers, HR assistants... Do you have a specific project in mind, in which you wish to use their expertise for a short period or a long-term contract? Discuss with us what you expect and what you need precisely. We will work out a specific project plan for you.

Besides project sourcing you can also rely on WaW for HR advice. A sample of our HR consultancy assignments:

  • Assessments for internal promotions
  • Identifying the talents of 'high potentials'
  • Workshops about autonomy and employability