About us

Our dream

We dream of a better world.

We believe that it is possible to make that dream come true by providing work opportunities which correspond to the talents and motivations of people. Such work creates value and in particular self-esteem. And that makes all the difference.


Working with talent works

At WaW our first step is to make talent visible. By means of the Core Talents method we map talents quickly and perfectly. That is always a discovery! In the first place for our candidates, but for employers and our consultants too.

Of course we look at skills and experience. But we particularly focus on people's natural abilities, motivation and potential.


Our values

Respect. We do not judge too fast and we are prepared to adapt our point of view. We rely on others, on their competence, their added value and the quality of their work.

Responsibility. Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. Every co-worker does what needs to be done to make our dream come true.

Positivism. We see possibilities rather than problems. We keep our spirits up, even in adversity. We see the good in people rather than the bad.


Our social commitment

Too many filters obstruct nowadays our sight on the talents of people. Filters such as 'too young', 'too old', 'underqualified', 'overqualified', 'too foreign', 'too inflexible', 'too unagile', 'too unenterprising', 'too long in our compay', ...

WaW wants to get rid of these filters and puts forward candidates based upon their talents, their strengths and their potential.

That's why WaW also supports and organizes social employment projects directed towards talent development. With these projects we want to provide more employment opportunities for 'invisible talents' on the labour market.


Our cooperative

WaW is an employee-owned company. This means that each employee can become a partner. What is the impact of this? Participation and financial involvement for all employees, which is guaranteed by the '1 head, 1 voice' principle. This is because we believe in true cooperation and co-creative entrepreneurship.


As a customer and a candidate you can count to the highest extent on 100 % dedication and involvement.